NuFlex Adhesives

1. What happened to the NuFlex 554 & 558 Green Select Adhesives?
Both the 554 & 558 have been discontinued. Both products have been replaced with our NuFlex 454 General Purpose Adhesive and the NuFlex 458 Subfloor Adhesive.

2. What’s new with the NuFlex 454?
NuFlex 454 is back by popular demand! It offers the same great characteristics with the NEW added benefit of being low VOC! The 454 is ideal for Panel & Foam Board applications as well as other typical applications.

3. Is the NuFlex 460 Landscape Adhesive coming back?
YES! It’s will be available in inventory by the spring landscape season of 2011. It offers great adhesion to landscape caps, blocks and other masonry landscape substrates.

4. Does NUCO have a hassle-free alternative to the leading Premium Polyurethane Adhesive?
Yes, our NuFlex 480 Premium Polyurethane Adhesive offers the same great characteristics and adhesion benefits. It is readily available and will not be found in the Big Box stores.